My Daily Life ~ Entry 8 ~ No More Bubbles

7 Mar

So this week, as a junior in High School, I had to take the ACT…  Let that sink in for a bit.  The ACT!  A test that can greatly influence the rest of my life.  How does one go about making a test that can determine the rest of a student’s life? By making a multiple choice test.  Who decided that would be a good thing?  Anyone can fill in bubbles!  It’s the most boring thing on the planet.  I guess some people (if they’re lucky) could get pretty good scores just be guessing.  My school offers pizza as an incentive for kids to actually try though.  My brother made a funny joke about people who draw pictures using the bubbles.  He said someone should write “I buy my own pizza” because then the kid wouldn’t get pizza for not contributing best effort… I found it funny.  My brain is literally a bowl of mush, and the only stuff I can think about is dumb emotional crap, so I’m not going to write any more for this post.  Plus I’m supposed to be paying attention to chemistry…


My Daily Life ~ Entry 7 ~ Waiting For Superman

22 Feb

So I recently discovered this song, which I am currently in love with.

It is great.  Waiting For Superman is my new favorite song.  It even inspired me to start writing a new story! I’m super excited about my new story.  It is called “Through an Unfamiliar Window” and is about a teenage girl whose mother is cheating on her father because her father is always away.  She loves her Dad and really dislikes her mom.  I’m trying to make this story have more literary value than commercial, so we’ll see how that works out.  I would really like some feedback, so if people who read this could go to the link at the bottom and possibly leave a comment, that would be stupendous!

My Daily Life ~ Entry 6 ~ Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Some people I know, look at Valentine’s day, and do this:

Maybe for a while, you’ve been doing this:

animals moving rabbit waling

To try to achieve this:

cute animated gif on Giphy

I know after a while, you start to feel like this:

animals fall pumpm puppy sleep

Or maybe you just want to shut yourself away like this:

bye cat

Some of you try to solve things like this:

balloon excited hump pop rabbit

To which I respond with:

cat frustrated glasses

Anyways, before you know it, love will creep up on you.  Kind of like this:

camo camouflage cat ghillie sniper

I hope you all find someone to be your love bunny this Valentine’s Day.  Like this:

animals bunny rabbit rubbing snuggling

And yes.  I am spending my Valentine’s Day evening look at funny animal gifs because my boyfriend has to work.

My Daily Life ~ Entry 5 ~ Bound to be an Adventure

26 Jan

So I went to my grandma’s house for lunch today with my family.  Apparently my grandma knows how to “arm/wrist-knit” infinity scarves.  She’s made quite a few of them, and they’re all really cute, so I asked her to teach me how.  Boy oh boy… She says it’s really simple, and I’m sure it will be once (if) I get the hang of it, but she did it so fast, I was just like… woah.  So now I’ve decided to go shopping for some yarns.  Except, I don’t know how much yarn costs, and I don’t know what kind of yarn looks best on a scarf.  Also, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to figure out how to make the darned things! I figure if I get good at it though, maybe I could make a bunch and sell them too my friends!  I really need a job.  I’m 17 already.  In less than a year I’ll be applying for colleges and what not.  I don’t have a car, heck, I don’t even have my license yet!  In other words, I’m going to be crushed by my debts in college.  Maybe my mom will let me drive to the store? I doubt it… Michigan weather plus barely experienced drivers equals fishtailing into a ditch.  I don’t think I’m that inexperienced though.  And I have to learn how to drive in the snow sooner or later, and it’d probably be better now.  So, to-do list: get license, get job, make scarves.  If I make my scarves cute enough, people won’t be able to resist “scarfing” them up! Yeah… My dad said the pun first.  Don’t blame me.

My Daily Life ~ Entry 4 ~ Exam Week

22 Jan

Oh yes, exam week.  One of the two weeks in the year that high schoolers hate most.  Actually, I didn’t have any exams today.  Lucky me! Band and AP Government for the win! I really didn’t even technically need to show up for school today, but, ya know, it was worth it because my boyfriend took me out to coffee for a study date. Not that I actually got that much done… He kept asking me for my answers and I’m just that prude that’s always like, “No, you have to do it yourself!” Which, I honestly think is better because then you actually get a nice little refresher.  I’m kind of wondering if we’ll even have school tomorrow.  The roads are horrible! If you live in Michigan, like me, you’ll catch my drift. 😉 Oh puns…  But yeah, Michigan roads are notorious for being horrible in the non-snowy seasons.  Now imagine potholes filled with snow and bumps slicked with ice.  Fun, right? Ha! Not.  Try… Terrifying.  Especially when your boyfriend’s rover rolls right through a stoplight.  Not scary at all!  It kind of makes me feel like listening to the Frozen soundtrack.  And yes, 17-year-olds are allowed to fangirl over Disney movies.  In fact, that’s just about all my girlfriends do.  I think it’s kind of stupid, but for “real life connections” in a project a couple of friends and I are working on, we’re connecting everything to Disney movies.  Ugh… Now for more Chemistry review! Kill me now…

My Daily Life ~ Entry 3 ~ Liam Neeson

22 Jan

Okay, I realize Liam Neeson is, like, sixty-one years old.  I don’t know why I’ve randomly chosen him as my favorite actor, except for the fact that he is awesome, but whatever.  Don’t judge.  It isn’t like he’s super attractive…  I mean, he’s pretty nice to look at for being as old as he is, and, ya know, maybe if he was forty years younger that would be a main factor, but as it is, he is a really good actor.  When I was little, he was always one of the main reasons I would watch Star Wars.  I think at that point I wanted him as, like, a father or grandpa or something, but nowadays I refer to him as my husband.  Yes, I realize it’s weird, but I’m totally not serious.  Yesterday my boyfriend asked, “If you could choose between marrying me or Liam Neeson, who would you choose?”  Is it bad that in the back of my head, I kind of wanted to say Liam Neeson? I mean, c’mon.  He’s Irish!  He’s a jedi master, Aslan, a savior to the Jews, a kickass government agent…! The list goes on and on and on.  I wouldn’t honestly marry Liam Neeson (even his name is awesome), but I would absolutely love it if I could just hang out with him forever.  I think I’d die if I actually met him.  Of fangirlness.  Yup.  Just made up a word.  Seriously, just look at that Irish face.  *sighs dramatically*


My Daily Life ~ Entry 2 ~ A Girl’s Dream

17 Jan

So, the other night, my boyfriend was awesome and took me too McDonald’s.  Like, that’s totally what boyfriends are for: providing food!  Like always, I had a sweet tea with my food.  (Both of my posts so far have involved tea… What’s up with that? Obsession? Nah…)  Then, we went to a coffee shop.  Needless enough as it is to say, I was pretty jittery by the time I got home.  I don’t know why this is, but no matter how much time we spent together, we almost almost FaceTime before bed.  Oh, how I love technology.  Sometime during the call, I decided that I missed Summer.  Winter in Michigan wears on a girl.  So much snow, so little sun… Not to mention that we just had a week of “deep freeze”.  Anyways, I decided that I wanted to go swimming, and somehow that developed into a wish for a pool.  We’ll see how this turns out, but I’m pretty determined! A pool I wish, and a pool I shall have.  That is my dream.  But first I need money… Crap.