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My Daily Life ~ Entry 6 ~ Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Some people I know, look at Valentine’s day, and do this:

Maybe for a while, you’ve been doing this:

animals moving rabbit waling

To try to achieve this:

cute animated gif on Giphy

I know after a while, you start to feel like this:

animals fall pumpm puppy sleep

Or maybe you just want to shut yourself away like this:

bye cat

Some of you try to solve things like this:

balloon excited hump pop rabbit

To which I respond with:

cat frustrated glasses

Anyways, before you know it, love will creep up on you.  Kind of like this:

camo camouflage cat ghillie sniper

I hope you all find someone to be your love bunny this Valentine’s Day.  Like this:

animals bunny rabbit rubbing snuggling

And yes.  I am spending my Valentine’s Day evening look at funny animal gifs because my boyfriend has to work.