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My Daily Life ~ Entry 7 ~ Waiting For Superman

22 Feb

So I recently discovered this song, which I am currently in love with.

It is great.  Waiting For Superman is my new favorite song.  It even inspired me to start writing a new story! I’m super excited about my new story.  It is called “Through an Unfamiliar Window” and is about a teenage girl whose mother is cheating on her father because her father is always away.  She loves her Dad and really dislikes her mom.  I’m trying to make this story have more literary value than commercial, so we’ll see how that works out.  I would really like some feedback, so if people who read this could go to the link at the bottom and possibly leave a comment, that would be stupendous!


My Daily Life ~ Entry 6 ~ Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Some people I know, look at Valentine’s day, and do this:

Maybe for a while, you’ve been doing this:

animals moving rabbit waling

To try to achieve this:

cute animated gif on Giphy

I know after a while, you start to feel like this:

animals fall pumpm puppy sleep

Or maybe you just want to shut yourself away like this:

bye cat

Some of you try to solve things like this:

balloon excited hump pop rabbit

To which I respond with:

cat frustrated glasses

Anyways, before you know it, love will creep up on you.  Kind of like this:

camo camouflage cat ghillie sniper

I hope you all find someone to be your love bunny this Valentine’s Day.  Like this:

animals bunny rabbit rubbing snuggling

And yes.  I am spending my Valentine’s Day evening look at funny animal gifs because my boyfriend has to work.