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My Daily Life ~ Entry 4 ~ Exam Week

22 Jan

Oh yes, exam week.  One of the two weeks in the year that high schoolers hate most.  Actually, I didn’t have any exams today.  Lucky me! Band and AP Government for the win! I really didn’t even technically need to show up for school today, but, ya know, it was worth it because my boyfriend took me out to coffee for a study date. Not that I actually got that much done… He kept asking me for my answers and I’m just that prude that’s always like, “No, you have to do it yourself!” Which, I honestly think is better because then you actually get a nice little refresher.  I’m kind of wondering if we’ll even have school tomorrow.  The roads are horrible! If you live in Michigan, like me, you’ll catch my drift. 😉 Oh puns…  But yeah, Michigan roads are notorious for being horrible in the non-snowy seasons.  Now imagine potholes filled with snow and bumps slicked with ice.  Fun, right? Ha! Not.  Try… Terrifying.  Especially when your boyfriend’s rover rolls right through a stoplight.  Not scary at all!  It kind of makes me feel like listening to the Frozen soundtrack.  And yes, 17-year-olds are allowed to fangirl over Disney movies.  In fact, that’s just about all my girlfriends do.  I think it’s kind of stupid, but for “real life connections” in a project a couple of friends and I are working on, we’re connecting everything to Disney movies.  Ugh… Now for more Chemistry review! Kill me now…


My Daily Life ~ Entry 2 ~ A Girl’s Dream

17 Jan

So, the other night, my boyfriend was awesome and took me too McDonald’s.  Like, that’s totally what boyfriends are for: providing food!  Like always, I had a sweet tea with my food.  (Both of my posts so far have involved tea… What’s up with that? Obsession? Nah…)  Then, we went to a coffee shop.  Needless enough as it is to say, I was pretty jittery by the time I got home.  I don’t know why this is, but no matter how much time we spent together, we almost almost FaceTime before bed.  Oh, how I love technology.  Sometime during the call, I decided that I missed Summer.  Winter in Michigan wears on a girl.  So much snow, so little sun… Not to mention that we just had a week of “deep freeze”.  Anyways, I decided that I wanted to go swimming, and somehow that developed into a wish for a pool.  We’ll see how this turns out, but I’m pretty determined! A pool I wish, and a pool I shall have.  That is my dream.  But first I need money… Crap.