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My Daily Life ~ Entry 3 ~ Liam Neeson

22 Jan

Okay, I realize Liam Neeson is, like, sixty-one years old.  I don’t know why I’ve randomly chosen him as my favorite actor, except for the fact that he is awesome, but whatever.  Don’t judge.  It isn’t like he’s super attractive…  I mean, he’s pretty nice to look at for being as old as he is, and, ya know, maybe if he was forty years younger that would be a main factor, but as it is, he is a really good actor.  When I was little, he was always one of the main reasons I would watch Star Wars.  I think at that point I wanted him as, like, a father or grandpa or something, but nowadays I refer to him as my husband.  Yes, I realize it’s weird, but I’m totally not serious.  Yesterday my boyfriend asked, “If you could choose between marrying me or Liam Neeson, who would you choose?”  Is it bad that in the back of my head, I kind of wanted to say Liam Neeson? I mean, c’mon.  He’s Irish!  He’s a jedi master, Aslan, a savior to the Jews, a kickass government agent…! The list goes on and on and on.  I wouldn’t honestly marry Liam Neeson (even his name is awesome), but I would absolutely love it if I could just hang out with him forever.  I think I’d die if I actually met him.  Of fangirlness.  Yup.  Just made up a word.  Seriously, just look at that Irish face.  *sighs dramatically*