My Daily Life ~ Entry 8 ~ No More Bubbles

7 Mar

So this week, as a junior in High School, I had to take the ACT…  Let that sink in for a bit.  The ACT!  A test that can greatly influence the rest of my life.  How does one go about making a test that can determine the rest of a student’s life? By making a multiple choice test.  Who decided that would be a good thing?  Anyone can fill in bubbles!  It’s the most boring thing on the planet.  I guess some people (if they’re lucky) could get pretty good scores just be guessing.  My school offers pizza as an incentive for kids to actually try though.  My brother made a funny joke about people who draw pictures using the bubbles.  He said someone should write “I buy my own pizza” because then the kid wouldn’t get pizza for not contributing best effort… I found it funny.  My brain is literally a bowl of mush, and the only stuff I can think about is dumb emotional crap, so I’m not going to write any more for this post.  Plus I’m supposed to be paying attention to chemistry…


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