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My Daily Life ~ Entry 5 ~ Bound to be an Adventure

26 Jan

So I went to my grandma’s house for lunch today with my family.  Apparently my grandma knows how to “arm/wrist-knit” infinity scarves.  She’s made quite a few of them, and they’re all really cute, so I asked her to teach me how.  Boy oh boy… She says it’s really simple, and I’m sure it will be once (if) I get the hang of it, but she did it so fast, I was just like… woah.  So now I’ve decided to go shopping for some yarns.  Except, I don’t know how much yarn costs, and I don’t know what kind of yarn looks best on a scarf.  Also, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to figure out how to make the darned things! I figure if I get good at it though, maybe I could make a bunch and sell them too my friends!  I really need a job.  I’m 17 already.  In less than a year I’ll be applying for colleges and what not.  I don’t have a car, heck, I don’t even have my license yet!  In other words, I’m going to be crushed by my debts in college.  Maybe my mom will let me drive to the store? I doubt it… Michigan weather plus barely experienced drivers equals fishtailing into a ditch.  I don’t think I’m that inexperienced though.  And I have to learn how to drive in the snow sooner or later, and it’d probably be better now.  So, to-do list: get license, get job, make scarves.  If I make my scarves cute enough, people won’t be able to resist “scarfing” them up! Yeah… My dad said the pun first.  Don’t blame me.