My Daily Life ~ Entry 1 ~ Sweet Tea

30 Jun

The first week of Summer, literally, the day I got out of school, I had to head to the northern part of the state to be a counselor for my church’s camp.  After 7 days of chasing around kids ranging from 3rd-8th grade, and scaling 86 rugged steps up a hill in the woods to the cabins multiple times a day, I lost a good amount of weight.  I couldn’t stop looking at the place where my tummy had once been! Mind you, I’ve never had a very big tummy.  My metabolism works quite well, thank you very much.  Anyways, for the past couple weeks since I got back, I’ve had this, like, obsession with sweet iced tea.  All of my belly that disappeared? Yeah… It’s back.  Can’t say I missed it.  If I go for a run once a day, can I still drink my deliciously sweet tea, or would that just counteract it?  I tried going for a run today.  I play soccer for my school in the spring, and we got a new coach this past season.  He has high expectations for how he’s going to “develop a program” with us.  For as long as I’ve known, my school’s soccer team has been a bit of a joke.  He wants all of us to be able to run an 8 minute mile by the time the school year starts.  I know I could do that if I really wanted to, but today, my run turned into more of a walk.  Must be all that sweet tea…